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    Release time:2016/09/27
    Presenting in front of your website, is casting Dingxin highlight corporate culture, enterprise information delivery, showing a platform for corporate image, but also expand the casting Dingxin link to foreign exchange and cooperation, contact and service customers at home and abroad. Here, I sincerely welcome domestic and foreign counterparts and foundry industry enterprises, the financial sector and the people all concern the development of Dingxin enterprise website, browse through, can be cast Dingxin sincere cooperation partners and permanent friends. Dingxin casting has been created since 2009, after all Dingxin people unremitting efforts, to create a high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, the development of the road with "coke - iron - electricity - cast" industry chain, has become a high-grade casting as the core products of private enterprises. Every leap back Dingxin casting, which embodies people Dingxin "self-improvement, trustworthiness, innovation" business style "and the pursuit of excellence, challenge the limit, promote overall social progress in the heroic spirit; each contains the creation of Dingxin, Dingxin person " industrial nation is created. "Broadmindedness and" Yong forefront, dare to be the first "spirit of the times; in Dingxin through these day and night and history, sincere cooperation and support of friends from all walks of life all cannot do without. It can be said that we have achieved remarkable results, is Dingxin people with friends from all walks of life with wisdom and sweat to create. In this era full of opportunities and challenges, enterprises can only keep their vigor and vitality with constant innovation and self transcendence. From the angle of global strategic Dingxin casting to re-examine themselves and actively explore the management innovation, system innovation and culture innovation mechanism, establish the "two business policy of smelting simultaneously, extending machine ". Dingxin will also look forward to the same as in the past the old friends and new customers, create our common pursuit of the value of the enterprise, to share the joy and the outcome brought about by the successful cooperation. Finally, sincerely hope that Dingxin casting website can narrow Dingxin casting with colleagues at home and abroad in the distance, make it your understanding, understanding of Dingxin casting foundry Dingxin window, Dingxin casting industry, based on the bridge become facing the country, to the world! General manager: Wu Xirong